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A 360° platform for managing and improving performance from staff to attendees.

About Us


With 35+ years of experience in the electronic transactions industry, TK Events is a white label platform centered on data management, enrichment, reporting, and communication.

Because of our focus on flexibility and easy system integration, TK Events’ technologies and services can be merged with a wide range of businesses.

TK Events uses a license model to supply companies with a social organization and management platform for a wide variety of events, both recurring and one-time-only. We provide management solutions for corporate events, sporting events, music, theater, circus, and much more.



TK Events uses proprietary technologies to supply a comprehensive package of event management support services. We develop customized services and solutions for all stakeholders’ profiles, including both upstream vision (for organizers) and downstream vision (for attendees).



Forecast, organize, manage, and evaluate the event though reporting and analytic tools



Promote special offers during performances.



Manage and control operational functions



Navigate the platform to access information such as locations, commercial offers, news, updates, and much more.

Core Services

From attendees to onsite staff, TK Events provides step-by-step support for event and show management.

For organizers, partners, and sponsors, TK Events customizes its offers including merchandising, sponsorship, hosting, catering, and registration support.



Deploy QR codes and RFID tags for multi-devices. Integrate mobile scanning and tracking during events for instant communication and advertising. Gather social feedback from attendees. Integrate location/profile tracking for customized offers.



Enrich reporting and analytics. Support strategic goals through economic estimation tools. Predict outlook for customer targeting and retention. Forecast budgets and revenue expectations.



Expand the experience with merchandising and communication support. Keep audiences updated. Get feedback from attendees to improve future events and forecast growth. Maintain social media presence.

On top of these general event services, TK Events offers an additional package of services and tools tailored to specific types of events.

For Sports


The Sport platform offers event support before, during, and after the event. Designed to help manage registration, sponsorship, virtual advertising, social media advertising, attendee feedback, revenue simulation, and much more, the Sport package is tailored by season depending on the sport and on the client’s needs.


  • Manage Registration
  • Team Building
  • Scheduling


  • Boosting Outreach
  • Sustaining Staff
  • Real Time Management


  • Share Results
  • Engage Attendees
  • Equipment Inventory

For Shows


The Show platform includes customized mapping services available directly to attendees for both indoor and outdoor events, to help them easily find places and services they need within the event location.

TK Events interacts with attendees via social networks to bring shows to a new level of excellence. The platform manages commercial and financial feedback to enhance communication, pricing, and marketing strategies for future events.


  • Manage Registration
  • Show Content Access
  • Promotion/Advertising


  • Social Networking
  • Geo-map Tracking
  • Guest Services


  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Enriching Feedback
  • Retaining Customers

And More...


The Sports and Shows platforms are examples of what TK Events can provide beyond the core services. TK Events has the ability to customize and adapt the platform to both market demands and clients’ needs, and to provide the best products and services possible.

Through key partnerships across various channels, TK Events can quickly meet the needs of the client, while focusing on production and product management.

As the TK Events platform is modular, it’s possible to add a point-of-sale system for extra revenue such as souvenirs, equipment, catering, hosting, sponsorship, merchandising, advertising, and much more. The system includes payment infrastructure, event sales reporting, and management information.

And More




TK Events synchronizes data instantly on every device connected to the platform, bringing a reactive and dynamic solution for all registered profiles. TK Events stores and manages a database for instant updates and exchanges.



TK Events’ platform is supported by a fully dedicated package of tracking devices and solutions, including RFID tags, geo-mapping tools for indoor and outdoor services, and mobile detection. TK Events provides instant solutions, services, and responses to users.



TK Events is a flexible and expandable platform, which can be customized and personalized according to the needs of individual events. TK Events integrates all parameters of marketing and communication.



Manage dashboards (counts, graphics, etc.) by extraction mechanisms, transfers, and consolidation (ETL).

Ability to retrieve reports / data analysis on customers.

Tool Decision

  • Calculation of indicators with high added value.

  • Behavior analysis.

  • Algorithms / Alerts / Learning for risk management.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting.

  • Consolidation and planning information available in the database of the Licensee.


TK Events is dedicated to privacy and security in all our services. We provide technology that protects any and all financial data and personal information.

Access to all services is controlled by a secure authenticated sign-in, unique to each user.

TK Events platform uses the latest technologies of biometrics, and answers to the highest safety and security standards. All data transactions are protected and encrypted to ensure the security of our users.


Users are provided with a unique profile and can choose the identification procedure to access the services of their TK Events platform.


TK Events provides personalized and unique access to individual records in the platform through an exclusive and secure login.



The mobile tablet allows for complete portability of TK Events services, with profile access and authentication available anywhere with an Internet connection. TK Events adapts its technology to the need of the client and market at hand, and is able to respond with native apps or mobile web when required.


All of TK Events’ software is designed to run on any smartphone, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or Java. By staying flexible with its development process, TK Events can answer the needs of the user directly, on a project-by-project basis, using the absolute best solutions possible.



TK Events’ web platforms have been developed to be efficient, user-friendly, highly secure, and entirely customizable to each client’s particular needs. A simple layout, devoid of clutter and needless distraction, allows for rapid data exchanges and facilitates a convenient and productive user experience.



The TK Events platform is available via a license contract. This commercial format allows for complete flexibility according to clients’ needs and optimizes compatibility when implementing in pre-existing structures. In exchange for the license fee, TK Events grants the licensee access to the system and modifies/customizes software to meet the licensee’s needs. A fee-for-service in the form of a royalty paid to TK Events is based on the effective deployment of the services.



The TK Events system is customizable to meet the demands of all users, large or small, industrial or commercial, in all fields from real estate to retail without sacrificing security.



TK Events has the ability to immediately ramp up production of its software to meet the needs of large demands while still protecting the integrity of the system and the security of the client.



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